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My plan for the national championship in Sweden was not a long stay. Just do the races and then fly down to Italy again, for the Giro start.
But sometimes the life go another way and this time it did!

We arrived the day before my TT start. Ljungskog didn’t start, so I was the favourite (last year I was 2nd, just beaten by her)!!
The evenings in Sweden are pretty light, so we could easily ride my TT course even if we arrived pretty late!!

The days after I still don’t have any memory from. Just that I went pretty early to the start, because I wanted at least 2 hours of warming up. A small ride and the last 40 min on trainer!
When I went to the start on bike, I crashed with a car in a redlight! How I could crash with a car in Sweden is really strange, bearing in mind that cars are driving so much slower and much more correct then in Italy.
I had an epilepsy attack when I arrived the hospital in Uppsala and then I was in coma for some days! When I woke up, they moved me (closer to my residence) in helicopter. Then I was 2 days in Gothenburg and after that they drove me to Halmstad hospital. First when I was in Gothenburg I start to speak a little bit, but I was still really tired. And I haven’t any memory, about the crash. Still nothing, the first thing I remember is when the ambulance drove me to Halmstad!
I even called Gustav and asked about how my race went for me!!! :o)
My short memory was still not working, so I called him 4 times and talk and ask about the same thing! (memory like a guppy ;o) )

Gustav had to defend the victory in the TT, when I still was in coma. His TT was the day after ours. He said it was hard, but he knows that I wouldn’t like if he gave up the race. Ok, if he would be happy for a 10th place! ;o)

In Uppsala were SM (svenska mästerskapen) was, they have the best brain specialists in Sweden, so I was lucky at least with that!
I’m still affected of the skull injury and the dr. say I can’t train hard before after 3 months. Because then the pressure in the head can damage the brain even more. So this season is over for me. But I wasn’t sad when I heard it, I’m just happy I’m living!!
In the crash I also got two vertebra fractures, shoulder fracture, collar bone fracture, a punctured lung, a fracture in the hand. All fractures are on the left side.
The doctors have bean amazed of my fast recovering. Yesterday I even got to Italy and today I was on the bike again for the first time. I’m sure that the Neovite is a big part of it!!

About the accident I can see in two ways.
* Now I have done my accident with a car and can tick off that on my “have to do, in life” list.
* Now I have take one more of my nine life (like a cat) and I’m closer to death then before!!
Prefer to think like in the first way!

Have a great day everyone! :o)


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