This friday we arrived here at Robinson Club Cala Serena in Mallorca! I will bee here in 3 weeks on training camp with my new team!
The training camp maybe didn’t start the best way. The police pulled away our cars, because they were wrong parked! Opps! But after some dealing we were on the way to the hotel! Our hotel is really nice and the food is good too!!
We have been here now for 4 days, and our first day of training was at Saturday! Like always the first day we did not so many hours on the bike. Because many girls need to check over the new bikes. This day it was also stormy, so it was pretty hard out there!
The other days we have done more distance like today 130 km with specifics works. Yesterday power training in the climb and today we did two climbs around 5 km (Randa and San Salvador)!
During the days we don’t have so much time for other things and we are pretty tired after the training too. We have a really good group here, all girls are great and we have already found the team spirit. So it’s looking good for the season!
Before the dinner we have a small meeting all together and decide about the next training day; Who will do specifics works and what kind, the distance etc!!
Today Tanja Hennes also arrived, so now we are 12 riders here! Lidia Arcangeli, Nicole Brändli, Noemi Cantele, Monika Furrer, Jennifer Hohl, Monica Holler, Andrea Knecht, Bettina Kuhn, Catherine Lohri, Melanie Tunesi and Veronica Andréasson.

Tomorrows training depends on the weather forecast! So we don’t know yet. Because some say rain some no!!! We see… If it rains Lidia and I will try the sauna :o).


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